About Robot Fanatics

Hi robot fanatics!

I started this site because I like to write about robotics.  My interest in robots started at a young age, when I was about 10 years old.  I was able to put the technical skills I developed on my own to good use when I became a submariner in 2003.  After I got out in 2008, I worked as Network Engineer in Washington D.C.   In 2014, I became a full time freelance writer.

Check out my story about submarine life “Silver Dolphins” in Jeff Tarter’s excellent book The First Hundred Days: How to Hit the Ground Running With a Brand-New Job.

If you’re a tech writer or a robotics innovator with ideas, let’s talk.  Contact me via Facebook or via munkachy (at) gmail dot com.

Thanks again for visiting Robot Fanatics!  I hope that the information you find on this site inspires you to go out and create the next generation of robot technology.

The reviews on this site are completely objective.  I don’t have a special relationship with any individual company.  However, I am an Amazon affiliate– that means that I make a small amount of money every time someone buys something from Amazon via my site.

About Alex Munkachy

Hello and thanks for visiting Robot Fanatics! The aim of this site is to introduce people to the fun and interesting world of robotics. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @RobotFanatics.