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Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Aquabot T4RC

Aquabot Turbo T4RC Review: Looks Tough, Wears Diapers

aquabot turbo reviewsLike Maytronics Dolphin, Aquabot has been in the pool robot game for quite a while.  Both Maytronics and Aquabot have been building robotic pool bots since the 80s.  But over the years, Maytronics has managed to a gain a whole lot of ground on Aquabot.

The new new flagship robotic pool cleaner Turbo T4RC pool robot is Aquabot’s answer to the Dolphin Premier.

When I first saw the Turbo T4RC, I was impressed.  It isn’t round and cutesy looking like iRobot’s new pool robot Mirra.  The T4RC looks rugged– but with it’s bright blue and white color scheme it looks like a friendly sort of beast.

The Aquabot T4RC’s got a big, heavy body and mean looking treads.  Treads are the best type of wheels for pool robots.  With treads, you get a lot more surface area compared to normal wheels.


Aquabot T4RC Features: Get a Load of These Pressurized Jets!

cleaning jets aquabot

The Aquabot T4RC’s jet system does two things at once:

  • Keeps debris out of the tires
  • Helps loosen sticky dirt that clings to your pool’s surfaces

I’m not aware of any other robotic pool cleaner that has this type of power wash system, so it’s probably an Aquabot patent.

Here are a few more of the T4RC’s major features:

  • 75 foot cable
  • Dual motors (1 for suction, one for moving)
  • Large capacity bag
  • 280 watt power usage (the same as 3 standard light bulbs)
  • The largest debris capacity on the market
  • 2 micron filtration
  • “Speed” button on the remote that makes the robot go faster
  • 4 independent brushes

Aquabot T4RC Remote Controller

T4rc remote control

The “RC” in T4RC stands for remote control.  If you don’t care about the remote and you want to trust the T4RC’s microcontroller brain, get the T4 instead.

remote control aquabot turboThe Aquabot T4 is just like the Aquabot T4RC, only it doesn’t come with a remote and it’s less expensive.  But the Aquabot T4RC’s controller is actually pretty cool.

The best thing about the Aquabot T4RC remote control is the “speed” button.  When you press speed, the T4RC moves a bit faster.

The Aquabot is quite responsive.  And thanks to its tracked wheels, it can pull of tight turns and maneuvers.

Aquabot T4RC Problems

You have to flip it over to get access to the filter.  Most pool robots have top access filters.  But in order to change this guy, you have to flip him over– just like a baby.

dirty diapers aquabotAquabot T4RC wears diapers.  Pool filters are gross.  They pick up not only leaves, but also all the germs and contaminants floating around in the water.  T4RC’s big, dumpy bag holds a lot of debris.  But you have to handle it if you want to spray it down and clean it off.  Yuck.

T4RC sometimes gets stuck.  This aquatic cleaner isn’t quite as agile as some.  It occasionally gets wrapped up in its cord.  And T4RC is not the best when it comes to navigating swimming pool staircases.  The T4RC’s 75 foot power cable is very long for a robotic pool cleaning robot, but it’s kind of rigid and it often gets in the way.

Read reviews written by Aquabot T4RC owners.  

Aquabot T4 Test

On PCMags test, Aquabot T4RC did a good job of navigating a 16 by 32 foot pool.  In particular, the robot’s suction power was especially good.  It successfully picked up the following debris:

  • Grass clippings
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Leaves
  • Twigs
Suction & Cleaning = Excellent

The T4RC is a very good cleaner.  But it’s not the best navigator.  Aquabot T4RC got stuck a several times during the cleaning cycle.  He got wedged in a ladder and flipped over when it tried to navigate a staircase.

aquabot floaters
This bot’s buoy arm is a bit awkward.

Part of the problem with Aquabot T4RC’s clumsiness is his awkward buoy arm.  You have to adjust it to get it to work properly.  If the Aquabot T4RC’s arm gets pushed around while he’s cleaning though, he’ll start doing unpredictable things.

Also, I’m not a fan of foam floaters on pool robots.  They tend to wear out quickly.

Agility and Navigation = Poor

Aquabot Turbo T4 vs Dolphin Premier

Out of all the pool cleaning robots I’ve investigated so far, the Dolphin Premier is the best.  So, let’s compare.

Aquabot Turbo T4RC Dolphin Premier
Cost Check the latest price Check the latest price
Smart navigation Yes Yes
Wheel type Treaded Treaded
Filter type Bag Canister / Bag
Buoy type Foam Air
Filter size 2 micron 2 micron (canister) or 70 micron (bag)
Programmable scheduling Yes Yes
360 degree cable swivel No Yes
Remote control Yes Yes
Pressurized jets Yes No
Turbo button Yes No
Warranty 1 year full, 2 additional limited 3 year full

As you can see, the RC edition of the Aquabot Turbo T4 and the Dolphin Premier are just about even when it comes to features.

The Dolphin Premier is more agile because of its patented swiveling cord system.  However, the Aquabot Turbo T4RC is probably a bit better at power cleaning because of its jets.  Also with the Aquabot T4RC you get a turbo remote control option.  That’s a fun thing to play with, but it isn’t very useful or practical.

The main reason why I still prefer the Dolphin Premier is because I don’t like the Aquabot T4RC’s gross “diaper” filter.  The Dolphin Premier is much easier to clean.  Also, with the Dolphin Premier you get a full 3 year warranty but with the Aquabot T4RC all you get is 1 year plus 2 additional years of limited support.

If you want to learn more about the Maytronics Dolphin Premier, check out my detailed review.

Aquabot T4 Warranty

Both the Aquabot T4 and the Aquabot T4RC come with a full 1 year warranty plus an additional two years of limited support.

When I read the reviews for Aquabot T4RC on Amazon to see if customers with defective units had any trouble dealing with Aquabot support, I did run across a few horror stories.

Internet reviewers tend to exaggerate their complaints though, so take what you read on Amazon with a grain of salt.

Aquabot T4RC Warranty
Aquabot T4RC Warranty

Aquabot T4 RC Manual

To learn more about Aquabot T4RC, check out the Aquabot T4RC manual on the Aquabot website.  It has information regarding cleaning, maintenance and troubleshooting that could prove useful to anyone who is thinking about buying.

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