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Automower by Husqvarna is expensive, but for large or hilly lawns there is no better option.  Unlike Worx Landroid, Automower has GPS navigation and can cut grass in the rain.  If you live in the suburbs and you have a normal sized lawn, Landroid is the better deal.  But if you need a powerful, high-end robotic lawnmower that can handle potholes, ditches and large areas, Automower is the way to go.  During its Consumer Reports lab test, Worx Landroid got stuck on ditches and hills that Automower tackled with ease.  Keep reading for an in-depth look at Husqvarna Automower’s best features.

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Scroll down for my in-depth review of Husqvarna Automower– the best high-end robotic lawnmower on the market today.  Or, check out the additional reviews linked below to find out how Automower compares to automatic lawnmowers from Worx and McColloch.

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Automower review: Unique features

  • Most robotic mowers can only handle 12 degree slopes, but the Automower can handle 20 degree slopes like the hill depicted above.

    Extra powerful motor.  Automower can handle 20 degree inclines, but most automatic lawnmowers are only powerful to handle 12 degrees.

  • GPS assisted navigation.  Like all robotic lawnmowers, Automower moves in random patterns inside of an area marked off by boundary wire.  However, Automower is the only major robotic lawnmower that uses GPS technology to chart out where it’s going and check off where it’s been.  This extra feature isn’t needed on lawnmower robots that are designed cut small lawns, but it’s essential for cutting large areas.
  • Handles extra large lawns.  Most robotic lawnmowers are only equipped to handle 0.25 acre lawns.  Automower can take on lawns as big as 1.25 acres.
  • Cuts grass in the rain.  If Worx’s Landroid senses rain, it won’t cut grass.  But Automower is equipped to handle wet weather.
  • Advanced anti-theft system.  When someone picks up your Automower, they have a few moments to enter in your security PIN.  But if they fail to beat the clock, an alarm will go off.  And if a thief carries Automower away anyway, Automower’s built-in GPS system will help the police track it down.
  • Advanced app.  Most robotic mower apps have limited start/stop functionality.  However, Husqvarna’s Automower Connect app allows you to set a geo-fence alarm trigger, set a weather timer, adjust blade height, fine tune your cutting schedule and more.

Automower review: Additional standard features

  • Improves your lawn’s health.  Robotic lawnmowers don’t require bags because they are able to chop grass into very tiny pieces.  The tiny clippings decompose quickly and help fertilize the soil.
  • Detects obstacles.  The Automower’s bump sensors help it navigate around trees and other obstacles.  When the Automower encounters an object, it simply changes direction.
  • Rolls past sticks and stones.  All 3 major robotic lawnmowers have fold-away blades.  This feature allows robotic lawnmowers to continue moving if it runs into sticks, stones, pine cones and other small objects.
  • Returns to its charging base automatically.  Like Roomba vacuums, robotic lawnmowers know how to find their way back to their charging stations when they begin to run out of batteries.
  • 24/7 operation.  If you program Automower to operate around the clock, it will cut your grass all day and all night.  But if you want, you can opt to run Automower only on certain times or days.
  • Stops when it encounters a person.  All 3 of the major automatic mowers stop and turn around as soon as they hit a person or a pet.  Also, their blades are hidden deep inside their chassis.  Additionally, their motors shut off automatically when picked up.
  • Handles complex lawns with ease.  During setup, you can use boundary wire to create a special paths for your Automower and section off any areas that you don’t want it to cut.

Installing a Husqvarna Automower

If you’re interested in Automower, chances are that you have a very big area that you need to mow.  Staking down the boundary wire isn’t a complicated job, but it is manual labor intensive– especially if you plan on burying the boundary wire after you configure it.  Estimated setup time for large lawns ranges from 4 to 6 hours.

If you don’t want to lay down the boundary wire yourself, you can hire a qualified Amazon handyman to set up your robotic mower for you.   Just head over to Amazon’s “Hire a Handyman” page and type in your zip code to see there’s a qualified Amazon handyman near you.  Assisted setup costs around $300.

Setup tips

  • Test out the boundary before you commit.  If you opt to setup your Automower yourself, be sure to test out the boundary setup before you bury the boundary wire.  You can also leave the wire on the surface of your lawn, but if you opt to go the lazy route animals or trespassers may disturb Autmower’s electronic fence.
  • Put a gap between the boundary wire and your fence.  If you have a fence, leave a 35 cm gap between the fence and your Automower’s boundary wire.   This will prevent unnecessary collisions.
  • Keep the power cord out of harm’s way.  There’s a long power cord that connects the Automower’s charging station to the power outlet.  Keep the cord wrapped up as well as you an and don’t run it through your Automower’s cutting zone.

Automower test results and video demos

Automower performed well in the Consumer Reports labs this summer.  Also, Husqvarna has an excellent informational video about Automower that shows off how its features work in real life situations.

Consumer Reports’ Automower review

This summer, Consumer Reports took four bestselling robotic lawnmowers to the lab: Worx Landroid, Husqvarna Automower and two different models from Robomow.

Consumer Reports noted that Automower handled potholes and ditches better than the competition.  The testers were also impressed by the way Automower cuts grass.  Worx Landroid and Husqvarna Automower both earned Consumer Reports recommendations, but the Robomow RC306 and the Robomow RC622 did not.

If you have a Consumer Reports paid account, you can login and read the full review here.

Husqvarna Automower YouTube videos

The video embedded below is my personal favorite Automower demonstration video.  It’s quick and to the point, but it also gives you a detailed look at everything Automower can do.

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This review video gives you a real-life example of how the Automower handles average suburban lawns.

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The next video shows you what the Automower’s app can do.

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Automower Specifications

  • Navigation method: GPS assist + bump sensors & boundary wire
  • Max lawn size: Up to 1.25 acres (with the large installation kit)
  • Cutting height: 0.8 to 2.5 inches
  • Amazon Expert Setup: Yes
  • Maximum incline: 22 degrees
  • Smartphone app: Advanced functionality
  • Anti-theft system: PIN code, siren + GPS tracking via app
  • Cuts grass in the rain: Yes

Automower review summary: pros and cons


  • Keeps large lawns trim and looking good
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Safer than a conventional mower
  • Blades can drop very low to the ground
  • Performs well in the rain
  • Handles steep inclines
  • Cuts extremely large lawns
  • Rarely gets stuck


  • Twice as expensive as Worx Landroid
  • 1 year warranty

If you have a large or lumpy lawn, Husqvarna’s flagship robotic grass cutter Automower is the best option out there.  It is expensive, but its advanced features are worth the extra cost if you need them.  Integrated GPS gives the Automower the ability to map out large lawns and keep track of them.  Also, Automower cuts a bit lower than the competition.  Lower cuts mean trimmer looking lawns.

When Consumer Reports put the Automower to the test it performed a little better than the Worx Landroid.  Consumer Reports sent Husqvarna’s Automower into an lumpy yard, and it managed to escape every ditch it encountered.  My main concern about the Automower is the fact that it comes with a very short 1 year warranty.  However, you can opt to get a 3 or 4 year protection plan for it if you buy Automower on Amazon.

Automower images

Here are some assorted high quality images of Husqvarna’s Automower.  Check Amazon to get the latest deals and discounts.

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Worx's Landroid is the all-around best robotic lawnmower for average suburban lawns. But what if you need more power? High-end Swedish toolmaker Husqvarna has the answer. Its Automower has an engine that's powerful enough to handle steep slopes. Also, its GPS assisted navigation feature allows it to handle extremely large lawns. Automower performed well in its Consumer Reports lab test, but it is expensive and it comes with a very short warranty.
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