What’s the Best Robot Dog? 4 Awesome Robot Mutts (2017 Edition)

What’s the best robot dog toy?

If your kids are begging you to bring home a puppy but you really don’t want one, here’s a solution for you: buy them a robot dog instead.  Robot dogs are educational.  Also, they never need to go to the vet.  Plus, they never slobber– and some are actually pretty smart!

There are several interesting robot dog toys you can order online, ranging from a genuinely remarkable robotic canine that’s equipped with real artificial intelligence to a silly cyber dog that can “poop” out plastic bones to a cute plush puppy that can “grow” into a full grown dog toy.  I was even able to find a nifty budget robot dog that costs less than the price of a haircut at your corner barber shop.

Read on to discover 4 of the best robot dog toys out there right now.

The best robot dog with AI:  CHiP by WowWee is seriously smart!

From this robot nerd’s perspective, the CHiP dog is a truly impressive piece of technology.

Because CHiP is fully autonomous, it can make independent decisions about what to do and where to go.  You can even encourage CHiP to do stuff that you want it to do, and punish it for being “naughty.”  Awesome!

One of the coolest things about CHiP is that it knows when it’s time to recharge its batteries.  When CHiP starts feeling “sleepy” it’ll walk over to its “SmartBed” and take a nap.  Robotic vacuums like bObsweep and Roomba know how to recharge themselves too, but CHiP is the first robot dog I’ve seen that can tuck itself in.

In my opinion, CHiP is the all-around best robot dog out there right now.  Other robot dogs like it are either way overpriced or not nearly as clever.

Look for CHiP deals and discounts on Amazon


  • Real artificial intelligence.  You can train CHiP to be good (or naughty) and teach it how to do cool tricks.
  • Recharges itself when its batteries get low.  CHiP is smart enough to know when it’s time to plug in and take a “nap.”
  • Follows you around and plays fetch.  Though it isn’t fluffy and cuddly, CHiP can do plenty of real dog stuff.
  • Multiple ways to interact.  CHiP responds to touch, but you can also interact via his SmartBand watch or his app.
  • Reasonable price tag.  I was surprised to find out that CHiP costs way less than a video game console.


  • To get CHiP’s voice recognition to work, you have to download and install a software update.  Once CHiP is up-to-date he’ll hear you just fine, but he struggles to recognize voices out of the box.

The best robot dog with a low price:  Tekno Newborns

If you’re looking for a simple little budget robot dog with flashy lights that’ll bark when you touch it, the Tekno Newborns robot dog is the dog ‘bot for you.  Newborns don’t have artificial intelligence, but they do have ears that wiggle and tails that wag.

These robot pups are seriously cute.  They were obviously designed with infants and toddlers in mind, but older girls might like them too.

Tekno Newborns imitate baby puppies.  They can jump, bark and play around.  And I was really shocked when I saw how cheap they are.

Look for Tekno Newborns deals and discounts on Amazon


  • Cuteness factor.  These little puppy bots aren’t that complicated, but they are charming.
  • Perfect for small children.  Tekno Newborns were designed to entertain toddlers and infants.
  • Teen girls might also like them.  A Tekno Newborns robot dog could make for a good Christmas stocking stuffer.
  • They can do lots of tricks.  These little bots can walk, sit, whine, sing, and jump.
  • Very inexpensive.  On Amazon, these bots are about the same price as a couple of combo meals at a fast food restaurant.


  • Tekno Newborns are cute and entertaining, but they lack artificial intelligence.  From a robotics point of view there is nothing really innovative or exciting about them.

The best robot dog that poops: CacaMax the Puppy

This robot dog is probably the funniest robot dog product I’ve ever seen. And the commercial embedded below has to be seen to be believed.

I think if I were the parent of a kid that was begging for a real dog, I’d buy him a CacaMax first before investing in the real thing.

CacaMax teaches kids a very important lesson: if you want a real dog, you’re going to have to get used to the idea of taking it for walks and cleaning up its poop.

Look for CacaMax deals and discounts on Amazon


  • Funny factor.  CacaMax is one of the weirdest and most hilarious robotic toys I’ve ever seen.
  • Introduces kids to the reality of cleaning up after dogs.  Your kids may not even want a real pet anymore once they experience the joy that is CacaMax.
  • Plush body.  Unlike the first two robot dogs on this list, CacaMax looks and feels like a traditional stuffed animal– until he starts eating and pooping.
  • Makes fart noises.  When you hear CacaMax fart, that means that he’s about to drop a deuce.
  • Inexpensive.  You can get a great deal on CacaMax if you order via Amazon.


  • Like the Tekno Newborns robo puppies, CacaMax doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of brainpower.  Because all CacaMax does is walk around and poop, your kids will likely get bored of it quick.

The best robot dog for little kids: “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” by Fisher Price

Fisher Price’s “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” is a great robot dog for little kids.  It has hard robot “bones” but is still soft enough to snuggle with, and can even be used to teach tykes about numbers and how to measure stuff.

“Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” doesn’t have any AI, but you can customize stuff that it says with the included Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name software.

Look for “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” deals and discounts on Amazon


  • Educational and fun.  This robot toy is a clever way to introduce little kids to numbers and systems of measurement.
  • Hooks up to a computer.  Hook “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” up to your PC via USB to have it “learn” your child’s name.
  • Fuzzy and cute.  “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” has a bony robot body, but its fur is soft and fun to pet.
  • Sings and talks.  This robot’s slightly odd human voice is more cute than it is creepy overall, plus it can sing songs featuring your child’s name.
  • Good accessories.  The “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” robot dog kit includes a bone, brush, tape measure, growth chart, birth certificate, a set of batteries and a programming CD.


  • Though “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” is one of the most creative robot dog products I’ve seen, it’s also pricey compared to other robot dog products. Check the price of “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” on Amazon.
  • Unfortunately, the “Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name” software only works with Windows PCs.

WARNING: Beware of these overpriced robot dog ripoffs!

During my quest to find the very best robot dog products money can buy, I ran into two clunkers: the Zoomer Zuppie and the FurReal Friends “My Lovin’ Pup.”

Zoomer Zuppies

My main problem with Zoomer Zuppies is that they only seem to do two things:

  1. Blink their eyes
  2. Blast loud and annoying music

Zoomer Zuppies are literally lame.  They don’t have any motors, so their arms and legs don’t move on their own.

Despite the fact that they hardly do anything, Zuppies are more expensive than the majority of the good robot dog toys that I recommended above.

They’re horrible!

Biscuit “My Lovin’ Pup” by FurReal

I really hate it when robot toy makers try to take advantage of the fact that most consumers don’t know that modern robot components are super cheap.

I (or any amateur robot geek) could easily make a machine that’s better than any of FurReal’s creepy anamatron style products for less than 100 bucks.  Robot components are super cheap now.

My $20 imitation Arduino microcontroller can do everything Biscuit’s feeble brain can do, and more.  Biscuit’s primitive motors and sensors probably cost $30, if that.  Yet, FurReal had the gall to slap a truly outrageous price tag on Biscuit.

If you have more money than you know what to do with and you love buying creepy, overpriced robot dogs– then go for it.  Otherwise, you’re going to be very disappointed in Biscuit.

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