Is This the Best WowWee Robot of All Time? (2017 Edition)

There seems to be no middle ground with robot toy brands.  Robot toy makers are either highly dedicated to making quality products… or their business model is built around using flashy, misleading commercials to get people to buy worthless hunks of plastic.  In my opinion WowWee is one of the better robot toy manufacturers out there.  WowWee bots are not just fun to play with, they’re also surprisingly smart and educational.  But the WowWee bot I’m about to tell you about is special because it’s more than just a learning toy.  Read on to find out about a smartphone powered gizmo that could be the very best WowWee robot, ever.

FYI The info contained in this blog represents my honest thoughts about the best (and worst) robot toys on Amazon.  I am an Amazon affiliate, but I don’t have any special relationship with any of the many robot toy makers I review.

The Best WowWee Robot: RoboMe or MiP?

In a nutshell, WowWee’s RoboMe is a toy for all ages that also doubles as a telepresence robot.

I wanted to get a RoboMe back when he first came out back in 2013.  But, he was a bit too pricey for me at the time so I decided to wait a while for the price to go down.

Even though RoboMe’s impressive brother  MiP is younger and more popular, I still think RoboMe is the all-around best robot in the WowWee catalogue.

RoboMe is older than MiP.  But RoboMe’s software has had more time to develop and has less bugs.

Both MiP and RoboMe are equally fun and interesting.  However, I think RoboMe is more useful overall because of his ability to double as a telepresence platform.  Also, RoboMe is cheaper than MiP.

The Best WowWee Robot: This is the “brainless” version of RoboMe

WowWee’s free app allows you to give RoboMe surprisingly useful “super powers” by attaching any Android or iPhone to his head.

Unlike most other smartphone bots I’ve seen, RoboMe can function with or without a phone.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.19.50 PM
Here’s what RoboMe looks like without his smartphone “face” on:

RoboMe is a bit limited without a smartphone, but he isn’t crippled.  He can still make smart alecky remarks, explore, play games, guard an area or take commands via the RoboMe remote.

RoboMe's remote control
RoboMe’s remote control

The Best WowWee Robot: The many faces of RoboMe

Even though the “bare bones” version of RoboMe is pretty entertaining, it’s RoboMe’s ability to interact with smartphones that makes him more than just a toy.

In order to unlock all of RoboMe’s coolest features, all you need is an ordinary smartphone and a free app.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.50.00 PM
This is what RoboMe looks like with a smartphone strapped on

The first thing you’ll probably want to do with RoboMe is customize his face.  There are hundreds of face templates you can choose from, and each one is fully customizable.

Here are a few more of the many faces of RoboMe.

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The Best WowWee Robot: Fully compatible with naughty words and farts

Once you decide how you want him to look, it’s time to flesh out the rest of RoboMe‘s personality.  Do you want him to behave like a gentleman… or do you want him to cuss like a sailor and fart?  It’s all up to you.

The bad news for nerds like me is that there’s no way to access RoboMe’s code directly.  You’re limited to using the software contained in the RoboMe app.

However, RoboMe’s software is actually quite powerful for a simple GUI based programming system.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 1.02.18 PM

With a few clicks, you can delete all of RoboMe’s charming but somewhat corny one-liners and replace them with a few of your own.

All of RoboMe’s triggers can be customized with custom recordings.

One of the funniest triggers to play with is “Make Recording.”  It allows you to easily turn RoboMe into a spy.

The Best WowWee Robot: A toy that transforms into a telepresence platform

So long as you have your phone and are connected to the internet, you can control and interact via RoboMe from anywhere in the world.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 1.08.18 PM

With RoboMe’s powerful telepresence feature, you can:

  • Visit distant relatives
  • See what your employees are up to at the office
  • Check in on your babysitter
  • Keep an eye on your pet
  • Make sure your home is safe

The Best WowWee Robot: RoboMe pros and cons

Though RoboMe’s source code is locked down, its software is surprisingly flexible– especially for a robot that’s meant to be used as a toy.  Its sensors are quite accurate, too.  Voice recognition was hit-or-miss when RoboMe first debuted, but software updates over the years have improved his listening skills.


  • Telepresence.  Recent updates to RoboMe have drastically smoothed out RoboMe’s telepresence software.
  • Edge detection.  Sensors located on the underside of RoboMe’s chassis prevent it from falling down stairs or off of tables.
  • Eye poke.  All of RoboMe’s facial features are actually touch responsive triggers, but the most entertaining one in my opinion is “eye poke.”
  • Handshake.  You can’t move RoboMe’s arms around, but “handshake” is a customizable trigger.
  • Voice and face recognition.  Though RoboMe’s sensors aren’t sensitive enough for him to guard your house against intruders, they do allow you to interact with RoboMe in lots of interesting ways.
  • Speech synthesis.  If you don’t feel like recording your own voice, you can type in the text that you want RoboMe to say.
  • Low price.  The advantage of buying a robot that came out in 2013 is that lots of deals and discounts are now available. Check Amazon for RoboMe deals.


  • The RoboMe software is user friendly enough, but I wish it had more options for advanced users.  It would be nice to be able to create and upload your own skins or add/delete RoboMe’s code directly, for example.

The Best WowWee Robot: An oldie but goodie (and a cheapie)

It’s a little hard to believe that 4 years have already passed since RoboMe first came out in 2013.   Over the years RoboMe has matured and grown wiser, thanks to a series of patches that have helped RoboMe run smoother and improve his ability to understand human voices.

RoboMe is also a heck of a lot cheaper now than he was when he first hit the shelves.  If you check out the WowWee store on Amazon, you’ll likely be able to find an awesome deal on this bot.

WowWee RoboMe Robot Kit
List Price: $129.99
Price: $95.84
You Save: $34.15
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