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This One-Eyed Butler Bot Nags You to Go to the Gym

Yesterday I wrote about how Pepper the “emotional” robot is coming to the USA.  Today, I found out that Pepper has some competition: a cheaper, trashcan-shaped cyclops called Big-I.

Big-I isn’t as cute as Pepper.  And he doesn’t have nearly as many motors.  However, if Big-I works the way he’s supposed to he could be a lot more useful around the house.

Big-I has its own operating system and uses an open API.  That means that any programmer can easily write programs that send and receive information to and from Big-I without having to pay a fee.

What Does Big-I Do?

Big-I can…

  • Recognize voices and faces.

  • Nag you to go to the gym if you’ve been sitting around for a long period of time.

big i go to the gym

  • Record a video if a stranger enters your home.

  • Tell you how to cook.

  • Boss your Roomba around.

  • Play music.

  • Wake you up in the morning.

big eye waskes you up

  • Make video calls.

  • Remind you to wear a jacket if it’s cold outside.

  • Learn about his owners over time.

  • Learn the names of rooms and objects.


How Much Does Big-I Cost?

Prices start at $799.  Not bad, considering that Pepper is expected to sell for around $2000.

Where Can I Buy a Big-I?

Big-I isn’t available in stores yet.  The Big-I Kickstarter campaign begins in September.  If you help fund the Kickstarter, you’ll get one in the mail as soon as Big-I goes on sale.

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