Landroid Review – Worx Landroid Test Results & Analysis

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Landroid by Worx is the all-around best robotic lawnmower out there.  It’s affordable, smart, quiet, safe, runs on electricity and works all day long.  Competing robotic lawnmowers can cover larger areas and can go up and down steep hills.  However, Landroid is much less expensive— and it works great on average suburban lawns.  Landroid recently received a recommendation from Consumer Reports, plus it comes fully equipped with everything it needs to handle an average sized (0.25 acre) lawn.

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Scroll down for my in-depth review of Worx Landroid– my personal favorite robotic lawnmower on the market today.  Or, check out the link below to find out how Landroid compares to automatic lawnmowers from Husqvarna and McColloch.

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Landroid Review: How the Landroid works

  • Cuts from every direction.  Like all robotic lawnmowers, Landroid wanders around your yard cutting it down to size until the whole thing is trimmed.  The final result is a surprisingly trim and healthy lawn.
  • Fertilizes the soil.  Robotic lawnmowers don’t need bags because they cut lawns a little bit at a time.  The tiny clippings decompose quickly and help fertilize the soil.
  • Avoids obstacles.  The Landroid’s collision sensors help it navigate around trees and other obstacles.  When the Landroid bumps into something, it simply turns around and starts mowing in a different direction.  Other robotic lawnmowers also navigate lawns this way.
  • Avoids sticks and stones.  Instead of attempting to cut through sticks and stones, lawn bots just roll right over them and keep on going.  Their blades fold back when they encounter hard objects.
  • Automatically recharges itself.  Robotic lawnmowers park themselves in their charging stations when they need more electricity.
  • Works around the clock.  If you want it to, Landroid will cut your grass all day and all night.  Alternatively, you can program it to run only during the night or day or only on certain days of the week.
  • Blades are safely tucked away.  Automatic mowers stop and turn around as soon as they hit something.  Their blades are hidden deep inside their shells, so that they don’t come in contact with anything except grass.  Also, Landroid shuts off automatically as soon as someone picks it up off the ground.
  • Sounds an alarm when tampered with.  When you pick up Landroid, you have a few seconds to enter in the security PIN.  Once time runs out, an alarm goes off.  Also, Landroid only works with the charging station that it came with.
  • Cuts front and back yards.  During setup, you can use boundary wire to create a path that will help Landroid find its way around both your yards.
The Landroid can’t climb steep hills that you might find on a golf course, but Husqvarna’s beefy Automower can can handle them with ease.

Landroid review: What the Landroid can’t do

  • Cut grass in the rain.  Unlike Husqvarna’s Automower and McColloch’s ROB 1000, Worx’s Landroid will not leave its station if it senses wet weather.
  • Climb steep hills.  Landroid is built to cut ordinary suburban lawns.  Its motor can go up and down 12 degree slopes, but it can’t handle anything steeper than that.
  • Cut large lawns.  If your lawn is larger than 0.25 acres, Landroid won’t be able to handle it.  Husqvarna’s Automower has a large installation kit that allows it to cut 1.25 acre lawns.
  • Navigate via GPS.  Landroid doesn’t really need GPS because the area of grass that it covers is relatively small.  But bots like the Automower that are built to handle large areas need GPS capabilities to keep track of where they are going and where they’ve been.

Installing a Worx Landroid

Most lawns are fairly easy to setup for Landroid, however there is some manual labor involved.  The main task involves laying down boundary wire around the area that you want it to cut.  Once you’ve laid down the boundary, you have to setup the charging station– and then you’re good to go.  You can either lay the boundary wire on top of your lawn or bury it in the soil.  Total setup time is about 2 or 3 hours.

Setup tips

  • Perform a test run.  Before you commit to a permanent boundary wire setup, let your Landroid cut your grass for a day or two to make sure that it doesn’t get stuck.
  • Bury the boundary wire.  If you bury the Landroid’s boundary wire once you verify that your lawn setup works, you’ll reduce the chance that someone will move it or break it.  Also, your lawn will look better.
  • Don’t lay the boundary wire too close to your fence.  Worx recommends that you leave a 35 cm gap between the edge of your yard and the area you want your Landroid to cut.  If the wire is too close to the edge, Landroid might get stuck.
  • Watch out for the power cord.  There’s a long power cord that connects the Landroid’s charging station to the outlet.  Don’t run it through your Landroid’s cutting zone.

If you’d rather not lay down the boundary yourself, you can have an Amazon approved professional come out to your house and do it for you.  Just head over to Amazon’s “Hire a Handyman” page and type in your zip code to see there’s a qualified Amazon handyman near you.

Worx Landroid test results and video demos

Landroid performed well in the Consumer Reports labs this summer.  Also, Landroid recently made a brief appearance on The Today Show.

Consumer Reports’ Landroid review

This summer, Consumer Reports took four bestselling robotic lawnmowers to the lab: Worx Landroid, Husqvarna Automower and two different models from Robomow.

Though Landroid did get stuck a few times when testers attempted to see how it could handle ditches and potholes, Consumer reports was very impressed by the way that the Landroid cuts grass.  Worx Landroid and Husqvarna Automower both earned Consumer Reports recommendations, but the Robomow RC306 and the Robomow RC622 did not.

“The Worx Landroid WG794 has the best quality cut and was the easiest to use of the four robotic mowers in our tests.” – Consumer Reports

Worx Landroid scored very high marks in installation and ongoing maintenance.  If you have a Consumer Reports paid account, you can login and read the full review here.

Worx Landroid YouTube videos

The video embedded below is my personal favorite Landroid demonstration video.  It shows how Landroid can reach hard-to-mow areas and mow around difficult obstacles.

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The video embedded below will give you a good idea of how the Landroid operates in normal lawn environments.  It also shows how quiet the Landroid is, and how it navigates open space between boundary wires.

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Landroid on The Today Show

When Popular Science‘s Michael Nuñez came to The Today Show to show off various new smart home appliances, he used Landroid to demonstrate how robotic lawnmowers work.   Landroid appears about 3 minutes into the video.

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Landroid Specifications

  • Navigation method: Bump sensors & boundary wire
  • Max lawn size: 0.25 acres
  • Cutting height: 1.6 to 4 inches
  • Amazon expert setup: Yes
  • Maximum incline: 12 degrees
  • Smartphone app: Basic functionality
  • Anti-theft system: PIN code, siren
  • Cuts grass in the rain: No

Landroid review summary: pros and cons


  • Great for suburban lawns
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to setup
  • Safer than a conventional mower
  • Built-in security system
  • 3 year warranty


  • Doesn’t cut as low as the Husqvarna’s Automower.
  • Will not pull out of its charging station if it’s rainy.
  • Struggles on steep hills and potholes.
  • App does not send you “robot is stuck” alerts.

Worx’s Landroid is inexpensive, yet it performs just as well as high-end models on average suburban lawns according to Consumer Reports.   Another good thing about Landroid is that it’s built by Worx– a mainstream tool manufacturer that’s been around since the early 90s.  Worx backs up all of its robotic lawn mowers with a 3-year warranty.  Additionally, Worx is easier to setup compared to other robotic mowers.

Though Landroid does a great job on typical lawns, it struggles when faced with steep inclines, ditches and holes.  People with difficult lawns may want to go with a Husqvarna’s Automower because it’s engine is more powerful compared to Landroid.  Another potential downside is that Landroid does not operate in the rain.  If the climate is wet in your area, you may want to consider getting a McColloch ROB 1000.  ROB 1000 can work in the rain and it’s a bit more expensive compared to Landroid, but other than that it’s pretty much the same.

Landroid images

Here are some assorted high quality images of Worx’s Landroid robotic lawnmower.  Check Amazon for sales and discounts.

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Cutting performance90
Ease of use100
In the past, robotic lawnmowers were expensive and hard to use. But Worx's Landroid has changed all that. Landroid is a very effective, highly rated robotic mower with a very reasonable price tag.
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