UK’s Robot Wars is Back. But Where the &*!@ Is Diotoir?

UK’s Robot Wars is back on the air.  The 4th episode was broadcast Sunday night– and a lovable, destroyable robot named Terror Turtle met his demise when he got flipped out of the ring.

The Cute Ones Always Perish


robot wars terror turtle

Reading the news about Terror Turtle made me wonder: how is Díotóir– a completely insane looking battle robot from Ireland– doing these days?  After doing some research, I discovered that one of the all time zaniest bots in battle robot history wasn’t even invited back to compete in the 2016 Robot Wars reboot.

long live diotoir

Whatever Happened to This Devilish Lunatic?


Polka-dotted, maniacal faced Díotóir was not only one of the flashiest battle robots ever designed.  It was also the only one I know about that wore a fur coat.

Díotóir’s spotted fur covering often caught fire.  According to the Díotóir wiki page, the robot’s designers decided to cover the bot in flammable gel to increase the likelihood of that happening.

An early version of Díotóir once appeared sporting a kebab.

Díotóir’s Greatest Achievements

Despite being a bit slow, Díotóir was actually quite formidable.  Its overall record was 13 wins and 11 losses, according to the Robot Wars wiki.

Unlike other robots, Díotóir’s flipper was powered not by CO2 but by springs.  This gave Díotóir great endurance because he could keep on flipping and flipping and never run out of power.

Diotoir isn’t strong, isn’t resilient, isn’t quick, isn’t deadly, I love it!“— Jonathan Pearce

Díotóir represented Ireland in international competitions, making it all the way to the International League Championship finals and the World Championship semi-finals.

So, What’s the Problem?

The Díotóir wiki page and the Facebook comment above indicate that team Nemesis did not receive a response when they applied to attend the Robot Wars 2016 reboot.

It seems like the lack of Diotoir action this year could have something to do with the fact that Robot Wars may not be broadcast in Ireland anymore.  According to the Team Nemesis wiki page, that’s the reason why Díotóir did not appear in the last season of the original Robot Wars.

Sign the Díotóir Petition!

The good news is that a petition to bring Díotóir back to Robot Wars exists.  However, it currently only has 18 signatures.  So what are you waiting for?  Make your voice heard.  Long live Díotóir!

Every Single Nemesis / Díotóir Battle, Ever


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