Tigershark QC Review – (2017 Update) – Comparisons & Pros and Cons

TigerShark QC Review: Not Bad, but Not the Best

Hayward has been building pool robots since 2006.  That’s not quite as long as Maytronics Dolphin or AquaBot.  However, Hayward subsidiary AquaVac has been in the automated pool cleaners business since 1962.

The great granddaddy of robotic pool cleaners has a great pool robot in the TigerShark.  In terms of specs and features, it’s quite similar to the Dolphin Premier.

The Premier is a little better than the TigerShark because it has a more efficient filtration system.  Also, the Dolphin Premier is sturdier and has a better warranty.  However, the TigerShark is cheaper and it does pretty much everything the Dolphin Premier can do.

Intrigued?  Read on to find out more about the TigerShark.

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TigerShark QC Review: The 2 Best TigerShark YouTube Videos

YouTube Video #1: the Official TigerShark commercial

This video is a good place to start if you want to get a basic idea of what the TigerShark does.  It explains all the TigerShark’s basic features and gives a rundown of all the benefits of buying a robotic pool cleaner.

Like all robotic pool cleaners, the TigerShark is:

  • Energy efficient.  It uses the same amount of electricity as a light bulb.
  • Intelligent.  The TigerShark has sensors and a robotic brain.  So, it never cleans the same spot twice.
  • Self-contained.  You don’t need any special pumps or other types of pool equipment to use this or other pool robots.
  • Easy to use.  Absolutely no programming skills are necessary.

YouTube Video #2: How to Use TigerShark

This short and to-the-point 2 minute video from At the Pool With Alyssa shows you exactly how to set up and use the TigerShark.  Check it out if you’ve never used a robotic pool cleaner before and want to know how it works.

When you set up a robotic pool cleaner, all you have to do is plug in the power supply, plug in the cord and drop the robot in the pool.  With the TigerShark, you can select either Quick Clean mode or normal mode.  If you choose Quick Clean, the TigerShark will go through a 90 minute cleaning sequence.  But if you select Full Clean mode, it’ll switch to a 4 hour cleaning routine.

After the cleaning cycle is over, you retrieve the bot, clean out its filter and put it away.

TigerShark QC Review: Why the TigerShark’s Filter Isn’t So Great

crypto pool health and safetyI was disappointed to find out that the TigerShark filter is 5 microns wide.  A 5 micron filter is fine for cleaning up most swimming pool contaminants.  But if you want to really give your pool a good cleaning, you need a pool robot that’s equipped with a 2 micron filter.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, you can find all kinds of icky stuff in a pool.  Rotavirus, E. coli, Giardia, and “Crypto” (Cryptosporidium) are just a few of the most common swimming pool contaminants.  These tiny critters are very small, so the smaller the pores in your pool filter are the better off you’ll be.

TigerShark’s Quick Clean Setting

One of the most notable thing about this pool bot is its Quick Clean (QC) setting.  The TigerShark cleans faster than most robotic pool cleaners.  Most robotic pool cleaners need 4 to 6 hours to go through a cleaning cycle.  The TigerShark QC can get it done in 90 minutes.  That’s pretty impressive.

The TigerShark QC’s Remote

The “Plus” version of the TigerShark comes with a remote control.  As you can see, the remote is quite basic compared to other pool robot remotes.  However, it gets the job done.

If you decide to buy the TigerShark, be sure to take care of your remote.  If you need to buy a replacement remote for the TigerShark, it’ll cost you.

In my opinion, a robot pool cleaner’s remote control is really not all that important.  All robotic pool cleaners are equipped with intelligent microcontroller brains.  There’s really no need to take manual control of a robotic pool cleaner.

TigerShark QC Review: Common TigerShark Pool Cleaner Problems and Complaints

It sometimes doesn’t clean the entire pool.  The TigerShark struggles on some pool types.  It does an awesome job on normal rectangular pools, but it sometimes gets confused by complicated pool designs.

It sometimes breaks.  The TigerShark is far more durable than iRobot’s Mirra, but it’s not quite as well-built as the AquaBot and Dolphin Premier.  With the TigerShark you only get a 1 year warranty.  After that, you’re on your own.

tigershark warranty information

Read the TigerShark Pool Cleaner Manual

The TigerShark manual is quite well written and contains detailed maintenance instructions, parts descriptions, cautions and troubleshooting tips.  Download it here to check out the manual before you buy.

TigerShark QC Review: Final Thoughts

In a nutshell:

There’s a lot to like about the TigerShark.  Probably the best thing about this pool bot is its quick clean feature.  Another good thing about it is the fact that it has a buoy system that lifts it up to the surface.  Some robotic pool cleaners lack a buoy system and can’t come up as far.

The TigerShark will do a good job of freshening up the surface of your pool’s walls and floors.  What the TigerShark lacks, though, is a filter that will capture microscopic parasites and contaminants.  Its 5 micron filter will get most of the gross stuff out of your pool, but a 2 micron filter would have been better.

Essentially the TigerShark is a cheaper, not-as-good version of the Dolphin Premier.  Follow the link to read my detailed review.

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